Rules of international surgical
wound complications advisory panel

The name of the Association is: International Surgical Wound Complications Advisory Panel (ISWCAP)

The objects of the Association are:

  1. Increase awareness around the causes of surgical wound complications and its prevention
  2. Facilitate the reduction of the occurrence of surgical wound complications through education and promotion of evidence-based practice
  3. Educate the patient and carer in prevention of surgical wound complications and the role of early identification of surgical wound complications
  4. Advance the field of surgical wound complications research
  5. Develop multidisciplinary evidence-based best practice resources for health care professionals in the prevention and management of surgical wound complications


The lesser of any 6 members or 5% of the members personally present (being members
entitled to vote under these rules at a general meeting) will constitute a quorum for the
conduct of business at a general meeting.

Any 50% of panel members plus one constitutes a quorum of the committee for the conduct
of the business of a committee meeting.

The Association’s financial year will be the period of 12 months commencing on 1 July and
ending on 30 June of each year.